Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Pregnancy Story

Hey There, Its Been Really Long i didnt update my blog.
well yeah, as who didnt know, i Am Pregnant now..its Month 6 now.
i had this amazing pregnancy. even though its my first baby, but still im the same as everyone elses who pregnant.

Morning Sickness??
Yeah had morning sickness on my 4th and 5th weeks. after that im so freaking back to normal, just that my appetite is not that good while in UK. im craving for different food. i cant even smell the same food for second time neither eat. lol.

Weight Gain??
i dont seem to gain weight much, i also dont have the extra appetite to eat more and more than usual. i feel so normal, sometimes i can even forgotten to eat because i dont fel hungry at all. i know thats not good. so yeah..i have to eat atleast anything (fruits/biscuits) to maintain the baby fed.

Belly bump??
Normal Belly start grows at their 4th month, but if u can check out my previous updates CLICK HERE .
my 4th months doesnt show much till my 6th also not as big as others..i dont know why, dont keep asking me why my baby bump so small..::( sometimes it makes me stress ,some of the reason that i heard from my mom why my baby bump is small is :
1. my first baby
2. genetic (my mum's wore Baju Kurung at her 9th month and people doesnt know she is pregnant)
3. im tall, and baby have enough space inside.

sometimes people are so jealous with my pregnancy look especially my bump, they said how lucky i am with small baby bump, thats is not always lucky because i dont look like pregnant lady and people dont respect me as pregnant lady. such as:

Bad Things about small baby bump-
1. went to Langkawi on my 5th month and 1 stupid guys accidentally hit my tummy with a large box.       Aucch..its so painfull, im so stunt till i cant shout at that guy.
2. i dont get to sit wherever i need and suppose to sit when ur pregnant lady , special
3. there's alot actually, but forgotten for now..(sorry)

Good thing about small baby  bump-
1. i still work as model and still had few shootings while pregnant.
2. got drama's offer at astro but last minute i have to pull away because of baby and myself health.
3. i can still walk fastly like i am not pregnant at all till 6 motnh.
4. i still can fit all my cloths , dont have to waste my money to buy new cloth just for maternity, which i wont be wearing again after birth. maybe i will, only if im pregnant again or i Gain WEIGHT! lol..

okay, i better sleep now..
counting days #98 Days roughly till labour..and meeting hubby..:D
Nyte Beautiful Readers

Atiqah Amanda Nzaedy

PS: lots of my fb friends keep on asking me about my hair, i think i will do a video bout it, what say u? should i or no?

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