Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pregnancy Story 2

#6months pregnant

#6 MOnths Looks

5 and half month

How i get my glow during pregnancy?

i just wish i can tell people and they believe just being me, nothing extra ordinary vitamins for my skins right now.

everyone been asking why am i looking so pretty even though im pregnant? it a question?? u all know, there is lot of benefit when u are pregnant.

Lets talk about mine. my skin are better, not oily and not too dry. my Hair grows fast and thicker, even the color last long than before.

just some normal tips, ear more fruits, vege and avoid eating oily food, drink lots of water.
nowadays, i tend to crave for Pepsi with lots of ice. when i drink it, it so cooling and refreshing moment ever, aah..its so dramatic, i know its not good to drink carbonated drink during pregnant. but yeah..what to do, im so craving!!

for the old malay said, when someone pregnant and looking very pretty and glowing, the baby should be a boy. im not sure bout it. some people are so different. like me, maybe 1 of the reason i can still have the mood to make myself beautiful is because i don't have morning sickness a lot. only had morning sickness during my 4th n 5th weeks. so myself is tend to relax and i am so not the messy type. not only that, even tho i feel lazy to make up or so, i will make sure, i don't look messy when im out of the house door. It seems like just my tips and advice for myself since im young. So girls, just take care of your personality while your pregnant and build your own confident. dont listen to others , do what u love and the best is make it simple and easy for you.

for me, doesn't mean when u are pregnant, u really need to buy a maternity wear for yourself. i find it , it will makes u look older and not gonna build your own confident. We have lots of cloth that can fit well for pregnant lady, such as loose dress, not too loose, tights are the best to wear, as it holds up our belly bump. i ain't a beauty guru but, yeah..just make ur self as simple u can..i know its the best feeling to look pregnant while u are pregnant, but when it comes worst scenario, u are gonna just look like fat women that pregnant lady, trust me. just wear any stretchable wear or dresses.

the reason why i don't really need maternity wear is because, i am not gonna wear it anymore after giving birth, unless if i am pregnant again,, but it doesn't matter. i just don't feel like buying any..

So good luck everyone, stay beautiful

Lots of Love
Atiqah Amanda Nzaedy

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