Monday, 9 January 2012

Best Mascara Ever! trust me!

               First time tried this, and i loved guys should try this, no need fake lashes :) Benefit

Don't Bleach your Hair!

How i color my hair without bleaching??
well, i color my hair at home which not me colored it but my husband, but i blended everything first.
So, basically everyone knows, its really hard to get a bright hair color for asian hair, especially their original hair is Black or Dark Brown, so i google and saw few sites that recommended to mix Cream Peroxide and hair die color, to get more bright color, i bought cream peroxide 40vol from Sally's. The reason why i use 40 vol because my hair is dark brown, and i really like Rihanna's bright red hair. 
for my length i used 1 and half box of Loreal Majicontrast (Red) also from Sally's..
well, its easy, pour a little bit of cream peroxide and mix with hair color till it turn bright red. 
Color your Hair whole head, wait till 1 hour or more for more bright color, make sure you wrap up your hair to make it more cover!

So don't have to bleach your hair to get bright red or blonde...please do not bleach, its only damaging your hair!

Lets start, i only use these 6 items.
1. what i'm using is Loreal Majicontrast Red/Rouge also from Sally's
2. container and brush
3. Rubber Glove
4. Find Cream peroxide vol 40 especially for asian hair. You can buy from saloon stokist or saloonist, i got those from Sally's Sally's Express
5. Hair Clips.
6. Old or dark tshirt.

#Devide you hair 3 sided Left, Middle and Right.then clip.
#mix these both till turns bright red, and then color your hair ..
#wait till 1 hour or more depends.  I've waited for an hour for my hair. 
#wash with cold water,
#wipe with dark towel as well
#Blow your hair ..

and it turns like this Insyallah...

He is my private hairstylist. Credit to him.
Atiqah Amanda Nzaedy!

Learn how to buy Louis Vuitton by Name (Neverfull)

Hi there, let me teach u few step before u buying LV. For 1st time buyer..all u need is the basic that u can easily make up your mind to buy and choose the sizes. as u can see below..all the bags are same pattern but different design right? Sizes for this neverfull is starts from smallest till biggest.
Neverfull PM (GBP450)
Neverfull MM (GBP480)
Neverfull GM(GBP510) 

Except for the Neverfull Monogram Rayures, its much more expensive starts from smallest till biggest.
Neverfull MM (GBP735)
Neverfull GM (GBP780)
Neverfull XL (GBP1030)

Suggestion : I prefer Neverfull Damier Azur, look nice and elegant.:)
Benefits about these neverfull is, it can contain heavy things such as laptop, and cool right? so yeah..why wait..go and grab your favourite now..i dont know the price in Malaysia, but if u guys thing here is much more cheaper. i can buy it for you because soon im coming home for my sister's wedding :) . But i heard the different between Malaysian price and United Kingdom/France is like 2k and above, really? I'm not so sure.

Enjoy and hope these helps you guys, will update more about Louis Vuitton soon. Cheers.!

Louis Vuitton United Kingdom

Neverfull Monogram Rayures

Neverfull Monogram Canvas

Neverfull Damier Azur

Neverfull Damier Ebene

More Picture of me being Red!

Hair by Loreal majicontrast bought from sally's.
Hairstylist: Razman Radzi
Dress: Atmosphere
Earing : Primarks Accessories