Friday, 13 January 2012

Ready to go out, shop to release tension :)

Top to Toe
Red Hair: Loreal Majicontrast Red/Rouge
Make Up done by me
Olay Moisturizer, Mac Mineral Foundation, Studio Fix, No 7 Blusher, Revlon EyeLiner, Benefit Mascara 
Coco Butter Lip Balm+Mac Cosmo Lipstick
Guess Watch
Dress:  by Peacock 
Purse :LV Speedy 30
Legging : Dark Brown @primark
Shoe : old boots i bought from Hong Kong last year
and ofcos, i wore something to cover when im out, i wore my red trench coat. 
lol, its 9 degree out there
Perfume of the Day  : Midnight Fantasy by Britney + Nina Richii

Atiqah Amanda Nzaedy

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