Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How to Maintain Your weight/ Loose weight

Option 1

A. Eat medicine - Traditionally (Jamu)
1&2. Mustika Ratu -  can find it any Jamu stores in Malaysia. 
it is made from Indonesia and it works for ladies :)

3. Pill Merit is to eat every night before you sleep
so that when u wake up, u will have to go to toilet to throw all the "stuff"

Please read the instruction behind before eating!

B. Exercise is the most important in loosing weight
These are the options:

-Dance in your room, move your butt, your tummy for 20 minutes everyday (please follow rihanna/beyonce/shakira dance moves..hehe, i did)

-Jogging for 20 minutes/more a day (every day/4 x a week) 
- Walk for 30minutes (ask your friends to company you, 
so that u won't feel tired or bored, the more the merrier :)  

-Do sit up 100 times a day, keep upgrade 
example : day 1 - 30 x
day 2- 50x
day 3 - 70x
day 4 - 100x
day 5 - 150x etc

- whenever you sit or u lie down..keep your legs up or just move your leg for few minutes..upside down cycling...or any thing u wanna do as long as u feel the pain!

C. Yes (must)/No Food atleast once a day

recommended: green apple, strawberry, dragon fruits,grapes,rambutan even durian :P
-hot plain water

-Alcohol, carbonated drinks, sweet drinks
-fried food
-RICE (say no to rice)
-Cold drinks

I know its hard not to eat rice or heavy meal like u normal did, but try this..
#whenever u feel hungry, grab a Green Apple/any fruits,except Red apple, i don't know but i think its contains sugar inside...
#whenever u thirsty drink Hot plain will be full, trust me..that's all..
I know it is strict, but try this 1 week, and u will see the fast result  
 & thank me..:P

Atiqah Amanda Nzaedy

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